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Laser Body Shaping


Body sculpting and shaping with laser technologyInvasive surgery used to be the only option for removing unwanted fat in problem areas. Now with the use of laser assisted lipolysis fat can be removed under local anesthesia with minimum invasiveness and minimum downtime!

With the use of tumescent anesthesia (diluted local anesthetic placed under the skin in the unwanted fat to be removed), the fat can painlessly be melted by the laser and the fat cells destroyed and gently suctioned away. The added effect of skin tightening occurs due to the stimulation of collagen (elastic component of skin) by the laser energy.

The result is a fabulous new shape with the added benefit of the skin tightening for up to six months! 

Feel free to view out video animation of the process in action to help give you a better idea of how this cutting edge process works.